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Festival and Pop-up!

A series of campus-wide and inclusive events are held, including:

  • SEN Festival: the University's signature event embracing diverse-ability and fostering campus inclusiveness
  • Empowerment workshops: to appreciate and empower people with different abilities
  • SEN Pop-Up events: Fairs and activities to showcase the talents and creativity of people of differences


The SEN Festival in Fall 2019 term is bringing you the following experience:

  • Lunch in the Silence on 28 Oct, Mon
  • Empowering Inclusive Sports: Relaxing Stretching Workout Classes (two sessions) on 29 Oct, Tue
  • Empowerment Workshop: Autism in Love Human Library Workshop on 30 Oct, Wed
  • Inclusive Market on 31 Oct, Thu
  • Multi-sensory Art Without Seeing game booths on 1 Nov, Fri
  • Autism in Love Exhibition by Heep Hong Society on 28 Oct - 1 Nov (game booths on 30 - 31 Oct)
  • Feeling Color Without Seeing Exhibition by Beyond Vision Projects  on 28 Oct - 1 Nov


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SEN festival 2019 poster