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Empowerment through DiversAbility: World History Theatre in the Silence

28 Sep 2017
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Room 5619 (via lift 31)
N/A; debriefing in Cantonese

This experiential theatre is designed by Dialogue Experience instructors with hearing impairment, aiming at promoting disability inclusion through an interactive theatre about world history. Participants will enjoy stories of the world history in the silence and learn to appreciate the abilities of people of differences (i.e., people with disabilities) who tackle their daily life challenges in creative ways. Participants are encouraged to share their dreams through the “Superhero – Pursuing Your Dream” program of Dialogue Experience (details here).


The theatre introduction and de-briefing will be conducted in Cantonese whereas non-Chinese speaking students are welcome to join. Participants who volunteer themselves to be the English interpreters for participants in needs will receive TWO free tickets to attend the “Dialogue in the Dark” tour in the afternoon on Friday, 29 September, in Meifoo.


 “Empowerment through DiversAbility” offers series of learning opportunities featuring topics about various disabilities and abilities; and is organized by the DiversAbility Team, Student Affairs Office, in Fall 2017. Students who enroll to and complete this workshop will gain 2 hours for the “Wellness & Personal Enrichment” module of the HLTH1010 requirement.