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Support Students with SEN Mobile

Flow Chart

  Self-Declaration by Students  Referral by Secondary School 
Principal or HKUST Faculty / Staff
New Students
  • complete an Intake Survey in first quarter of study;
  • email; or
  • fill out and submit the declaration form
    (accessible MS Word / PDF) to the DiversAbility Team (DA)
  • email with the student's consent; or
  • encourage the student to contact DA
Continuing Students  



DA to contact the student for an individual meeting to discuss about the learning needs and the support that would be appropriate, reasonable and effective. Consent to release confidential information to be obtained from the student to facilitate communication with parties concerned.


Student to submit medical proofs and/or supporting documents of the declared SEN.

Yes, proofs available


No, proofs not available: assessment to be done by
  • a student counselor of Conuseling and Wellness Center; and/or
  • external professional

DA to verify the submitted documents and work
out an accommodation plan with the student.
DA to officially notify professors of the eligible accommodations.


Student to schedule individual meeting with professors each term
to review implementation of the accommodation plan.
Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Student to meet with DA to review each term
and evaluate effectiveness of the accommodation and the available supports from time to time.