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Declaration and Confidentiality

4 students walking and chatting on campus, including a wheelchair user

3.1 SEN Declaration Form

Students with SEN will complete a SEN Declaration Form and return it to the SEN and DiversAbility Team, Counseling and Wellness Center, to facilitate their access to the available services, resources and supports to address the individual need.



3.2 Collection of Personal Data

Personal data collected from the SEN Declaration Form is used for purposes that are consistent with the University’s mission, typically in the academic, teaching, administration, and educational areas. The University may also use the personal data to communicate with the individual students regarding the services provided by SEN & Diversability Team of Counseling and Wellness Center. The data may also be summarized/aggregated/ de-personalized and, in this context, used for research and analysis / statistical purposes. The University will not share any personal data with any non-University party except where it is essential and under strict privacy agreement, or that it is required by law/regulation. The data collected will be handled with strict security and confidentiality and in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong.

Do you know

There are eight types of SEN: hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disability, intellectual disability, speech and language impairment, special learning difficulties, attention deficit/hyperactive disorder and autistic spectrum disorder.