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Support Students with SEN Mobile

Campus Life

A student helping a wheelchair user to enter an elevator in student hall

On-campus Housing

  • Tactile guide paths and barrier-free access ramps at main entrances
  • Designated accessible lifts with braille markers, audible multilingual messaging and arrival/departure tones
  • Wheelchair-accessible washrooms and bathrooms, with railings and grab bars, accessible flats, common areas and activity rooms with spaces to accommodate wheelchairs
5 students chatting at Coffee Shop, including a wheelchair user


  • All on-campus restaurants are wheelchair accessible
  • Self-service ordering machinese in LG1 Canteen, LG7 Kitchen #3 Milano Fresh & LSK Business Building Restaurant
  • Disabled parking and ramps for UniLodge

Accessible locker locations

  • A small amount of lockers at accessible locations are reserved for students with mobility disability or visual impairment and with justified needs
  • For the general details of the locker rental, please refer to Student Lockers

On-campus Welcab Service

  • Assist students with mobility disability in commuting between the main campus, LSK campus and/or on-campus student residence to attend university-related activities, including lectures, examinations, extra-learning opportunities and extra-curricular activities organized by university units and/or student societies
  • Students who need the service to meet with the SEN Support to verify eligibility
  • Click here to read the Guildines on Use of On-campus Welcab Service
Student Sharing

Lo, Hei Yin (Tiffany)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Year 1