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Working Group

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5.1 The Working Group on Support for Students with Special Educational Needs was established in 2015.


5.2 Terms of Reference:

  • To oversee the UGC-funded Project on the Support for Students with SEN.
  • To promote awareness of equal opportunities with respect to SEN to members of the University.
  • To assess and review the current support for students with and the resources required.
  • To identify existing University policies that related to students with SEN and make recommendations for change where considered appropriate.
  • To plan programs and activities to enhance support to and integration of students with SEN.


5.3 Composition

Convener: Director of Student Affairs

Members:  Associate Provost (Teaching and Learning)
                         Associate Deans or their representatives:
                              - School of Science
                              - School of Engineering
                              - School of Business and Management
                              - School of Humanities and Social Science
                              - Interdisciplinary Programs Office
                        University Librarian or her representative
                        Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admission Office or her representative
                        Director of Information of Technology Services Center or his representative
                        Academic Registrar
                        Advisor to Students with Special Needs

                        Associate Director (Student Life) of Student Affairs Office