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Mar 29 - Apr 30
The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf T.M. Gregory Memorial Scholarship 2019
The T. M. Gregory Memorial Scholarship of Hong Kong Society for the Deaf 2019 is inviting applications from eligible students who pursue post-secondary education. Application deadline is 30 April 2019 (Tuesday). Applications to be submitted to The Hong Kong Society for the Deaf directly.
29 Mar - 30 Apr 2019
Event for Student
Apr 10 - 29
Deutsche Bank - CareER Born to Be Scholarship Programme 2019
This award program aims to give recognition to students with SEN in the pursuit of excellence in serving the community and achievement in extra-curricular activities. Academic achievement is NOT the main focus in terms of selection criteria. Each successful applicant will be awarded HKD10,000 as an encouragement to support goal achievement and is entitled to join the 6-month Mentorship Programme. Application deadline is 29 April 2019.
10 - 29 Apr 2019
Event for Student